Are You Pregnant?

Are You Pregnant?

There are many indications to let you know if you are pregnant even before you undergo pregnancy tests. It is always good to know and check for early signs of pregnancy for proper prenatal care. Remember that the pregnancy period is very delicate and you may need to cut on some foods and vices like alcohol, smoking or sushi, and take vitamins instead.

The following are some early signs of pregnancy that you can watch out for.

Although unexplainable and extreme fatigue is the most common indication of pregnancy, it is highly recommended to keep away from too much caffeine to be alert and active. You know your body better. So if you are feeling a bit weak, it would be best to take things easy and rest.

Sometimes, you may have the tendency to cringe away from strong odour and the presence of lots of food around. For women who are on the early stages of pregnancy, these may be caused by the steady rise in hormones. When you come across a restaurant that showcase lots of food choices or as simple as opening the refrigerator and had a natural tendency to flinch, then it may be your level of beta-HGC hormone is on the rise so do not be surprised. On the other hand, your sensitivity to strong smell especially cigarette smoke is also heightened. Great care must be made to avoid such instances.

Some of the more common and early signs of pregnancy are nausea, vomiting and swelling of the breast. All of these can be attributed to the increased production of hormones. Morning sickness can be an indication of growing pregnancy. Taking prenatal vitamins may also trigger nausea. The most important thing to remember on this stage is not to leave your stomach empty. Having crackers once in a while will make you feel a lot better afterwards. Nausea and vomiting usually stays around for 12 weeks.

Shortness of breath and frequent urination are common occurrences. As the uterus grows larger, it pushes on the bladder and increases the pressure, making you feel the need to urinate often. Sudden shortness of breath is also experienced because of extra oxygen requirement from the growing fetus in the mother’s womb. Pain may also be present.

There are many early signs of pregnancy that you can observe. Take time and visit your doctor so that you can be advised of the best way to deal with your current status.